Project Outputs

IO1 – Research on cultural and creative industries employment’s channels

The research is a mapping of the state of art of the recruiting system in the cultural and creative sectors in the partners’ countries and compares the skills acquired at the completion of the education cycle with skills required by the cultural and creative labour market. The element of innovation is that we are mapping it, identifying it (and in our view this is important) per sector, and guide the adult and
young adult jobseekers to where they should focus on, when presenting themselves through their stories.

Download the short version of the Report in English here.

Download the short version of the Report in Italian here.

Download the short version of the Report in German here.

Download the short version of the Report in Lithuanian here.

Download the short version of the Report in Greek here.

Download the full version of the Report in English here.

IO2 – APP to create a Digital ‘curricular’ story

We are currently working to design and develop a digital application which will facilitate the creation of digital ‘curricular’ stories. Various video editing softwares are available online, some of them are free, but none of them has been developed as a self assessment tool nor to facilitate the process of identifying and promoting personal skills. This App will be innovative in being a free tool to develop personal stories that can be used to support unemployed people in finding new job opportunities and building up their confidence while applying for a job. It will guide them throughout the process, hence being particularly effective for this specific objective, but also open for re-use in other storytelling approaches. We also envisage its effectiveness to produce digital stories that could be included into personal e-portfolios.

IO3 – Developing e-learning platform using Moodle

An e-Learning platform collecting learning modules for the updating and the reinforcing of the transversal skills needed in the cultural and creative labour market. The platform will be integrated with tools for content creation, tests building, reporting, internal messaging, forum, chat, surveys, calendar and others.
The development will take into account the following aspects:
– the platform will integrate all its components;
– the platform will reflect at best its proper flexibility as teaching mean;
– the platform will maximise the full exploitation of the qualities of the content;
– the platform will be user-friendly and easy-access.

IO4 – Developing contents for the Open Education Resources, piloting and revision

The e-learning platform will be populated with tutorials, learning objects, tests and any other materials identified during the learning process to enable the users to recognise their skills and produce a ‘curricular’ story.

IO5 – Handbook – How to make a digital curricular story

The handbook will help adult educators to support learners in creating a communication product to highlight a personal attitude through:
– narrative process,
– identification of their strengths and skills
– implementation of a ‘digital curricular story’
– process of validation

IO6 – Production of Digital Curricular Stories

Using the digital ‘curricular’ application, digital stories will be created by the target audience in each of the countries under the guidance of trained partners. This is an absolutely innovative approach in education (formal and non-formal) that will have a positive impact both on unemployed people and adults seeking for job opportunities in the creative and cultural sector, by giving them awareness of
their skills, enhancing their self-confidence, providing them additional digital tools. The same editing approach and process may be transferred and applied for the production of other types of videos and photo-voice.

All the digital stories will be accessible via this link: