Exciting collaboration with The Making of Black Britain

On the 21st of April, the CERTIFY project UK team delivered the first of a series of multiplier events organised in collaboration with the very prestigious UK-wide initiative The Making of Black Britain, led by TV and Radio presenter Diane Louise Jordan (here in the photo with the illustrator Karen Sung during the first workshop in London).

MoBB London Karen&Diane

Participants had the opportunity to go through the key steps of the Digital Storytelling process, as described in the CERTIFY Handbook, including script writing, storyboarding, audio and video recording. 

The card game was one of the tools that revealed to be the most easy to use to stimulate conversations.

The filmmaker Abdi Cadani also joined the first workshop and showed participants how to create and record a voiceover to be combined with a video-portrait (a very interesting technique applied on this occasion).

A screening of all the stories produced will be organised with all the participants to the various events organised as part of this hopefully long-lasting collaboration with The Making of Black Britain.

TV and Radio broadcaster Diane Louise Jordan has served UK audiences and communities for over 30 years. With family at her core, Diane’s influence reaches beyond any colour, class, creed or generation with her mission to seek always to understand.

In 1990 Diane made front page news as the first black presenter of BBC1’s legendary Blue Peter. Diane has hosted many iconic British programmes, including BBC1’s Songs of Praise, and BBC Radio Two’s long running The Sunday Hour.

Diane has dedicated the last three years to creating legacy through her oral history archive The Making of Black Britain, which recently launched on Google Arts and Culture, exploring what it means to be British, giving the people of Britain the chance to Speak, Listen, Belong.

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