ATiT hosted the second project team meeting

In the past few weeks, the CERTIFY project team have been re-scheduling a variety of activities due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our way of working and living.

The second project team meeting was supposed to be hosted by the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome, during the second week of May, in conjunction with the second international training mobility involving a group of 16 adult learners. The partners agreed to postpone both the meeting and the training event in Rome to the Autumn, and decided to replace the face-to-face team meeting with an online meeting virtually ‘hosted’ by the partner from Belgium ATiT.

During the two-day online meeting, all partners were actively involved in fruitful discussions to plan how to proceed in the development of the planned intellectual outputs, starting from the completion of the Research Report on the state of art of the recruiting system in the cultural and creative sectors in the six partner countries, that will include also a comparison of the skills acquired through the completion of the formal education systems with those required by the cultural and creative labour market in each country.

Working on the Research Report during the online project team meeting

Two sub-groups were formed to coordinate the production of the following outputs:

– ATiT, supported by Loughborough University, De Montfort University and VsI “Lyderystes ir verslo akademija”, will take the lead on the development of a mobile application to create Digital ‘curricular’ stories and of the e-learning platform;

– Loughborough University, supported by Siena Art Institute and SPES GMBH, will work together to create an agile Handbook for the creation of Digital ‘curricular’ stories.

Luigi Sturzo Institute, supported by Research Paths, will keep working together to finalise the Research Report that will be published by the end of June.

During the meeting the team was delighted to welcome the youngest member of our CERTIFY European family, the one-month-old beautiful Wren. Congratulations to our wonderful colleague Lyndsey Bakewell and her partner David Smith!